Simucube 2 Sport

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SC2 Sport | Direct Drive Force Feedback PC compatible Sim Racing wheel base

Enter the adrenaline pumping Direct Drive Force Feedback high-end Sim Racing experience club. Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and Simucube 2 benefits. Simucube 2 Sport wheel base delivers serious amounts of juice to bring up adrenaline-filled sweat to the skins of the drivers. Sport has comparable responsiveness and performance of the top-end models of world-famous Simucube 1.

The sport will be your first key to the club of Sim Racing champion.

Includes: Simucube 2 Sport wheel base, power supply, cables, EU-power cable, standard external Stop button
Does not include: Wheelside SQR Kit

Simucube 2 Wheel Bases: Sport | Pro | Ultimate

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Simucube Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and comes with the major Simucube 2 benefits.

Sport’s serious amount of Newton meters are well above the threshold to put adrenaline pumping in driver’s veins.

Includes: Simucube 2 Sport wheel base, power supply, cables, EU-power cable, standard external Stop button
Does not include: Wheelside SQR Kit


Hot Swap Wheels

Becoming a master of multiple race car classes is finally reality without a single compromise. Different kinds of wheels are rapidly and securely interchangeable thanks to solid-metal Quick Release and low-latency Wireless Wheel connection.

Simucube Quick Release™ (SQR)

Precision machined full-metal Simucube Quick Release guarantees zero-backlash and rock-solid operation even under the extreme torques of direct drive wheelbase. Guided rail design ensures perfect lock-in every time, and the spring preloaded pin mechanism will ensure non-degrading tight coupling over thousands of swap cycles. Just like the rest of Simucube,  SQR has been built to be virtually immortal. The only theoretically wearing part, spring-loaded pin mechanism, is made out of standard stock parts making it user-serviceable.

Simucube Wireless Wheel™ (SWW)

The built-in wireless wheel receiver in Simucube 2 automatically connects to your Simucube Wireless Wheel just by briefly pressing both paddle shifters simultaneously. The wireless wheel transmission protocol has been specially engineered to provide consistent and unbreakable millisecond range response times, as well as an extremely long battery life of over 5 years. Swapping of the wheel will also take effect immediately without the need of re-assigning controls in the simulator.

Torque reconstruction processing

Bypassing the simulator’s sometimes coarse digitally sampled force commands through Simucube’s world-famous force reconstruction engine, the driver will be able to feel the force feedback like it was intended by the simulator’s physics engine.

Adjustable torque slew rate limit

Limits the rate of change in motor torque measured in Newton meters per millisecond. May be used to adapt sharpness to the fast torque spikes to the driver’s preference. The maximum settable slew rate depends on the DD motor (see the comparison table for details).

Natural damping, inertia and friction filters

In addition to simulator-controlled damping, inertia, and friction effects, Simucube 2 implements real-time physics modeling based on user-controllable versions of them. Thanks to a high precision angle sensor in all Simucube 2 modes, these feel practically indistinguishable from real physical phenomena.

Advanced filter parameters (Ultimate only)

Simucube 2 Ultimate adds more detailed tuning parameters to many of the listed signal processing methods and filters. Adjustable parameters include defining the frequency bandwidth of the signal processing allowing drivers to fine-tune the ultimate optimum setting for their rig and simulator. Ultimate drivers also have access to early access features and filters from the SC developer team.

Additional information

Weight 13,5 kg
Dimensions 410 × 250 × 250 mm

Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motor.

Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support


Simucube Quick Release™

Not included

Max torque

17 Nm

Max torque slew rate

4.8 Nm/ms

Angle sensor

22 bit absolute

Torque Off button

Standard (Premium optional)

Power supply

280 W

Wheel base dimensions incl. SQR™

130 x 130 x 250 mm

Mounting holes

M8 x 4 pcs threaded hole

Mounting hole pattern dia

145 mm

Flange centering hole dia

110 mm

Wheel base weight

8.0 kg

Standard warranty

24 months

Torque reconstruction processing


Static force reduction


Natural Damping, Inertia and Friction filters


Ultra low latency mode


Torque slew rate adjustment

1 – 4.8 Nm/ms


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