Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel

 829,82 excl VAT

First official Simucube Wireless Wheel from Finnish company Granite Devices.

Excellent standard GT-wheel to get you started on racing!

Comes with Wheelside SQR

Only 1 left in stock


Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel, the first steering wheel in the Simucube ecosystem. It offers features for racers of all levels, for all genres of simracing, from beginners to professional racers.

The need for this model surfaced from the requests, conditions, and feedback from racers venturing into the world of high-end sim racing.

Tahko means grindstone in Finnish: robust, functional, and historical foundation for something new. The placing of the buttons was designed and tested by professional drivers and engineers and the wheel has just the right mass for optimal force feedback feel.



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