LK Gravity Motion

Hi pilots,

The motion system supports following software:

[iRacing] iRacing
[Kunos simulazione] Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa Competizione
[WMD] pCars pCars2
[ISI] RFactor 1 RFactor 2
[Reiza Studios] Game Stock Car Automobilista
[SimBin] GTR GTR2 GT Legends Race Race07 + Expansion Pack RaceRoom
[Codemasters] F1 Series Dirt Series GRID Series
[Ubisoft] The Crew
[Piboso] Kart Racing Pro
[LFS] Life for Speed
[SCSI] Richards Burns Rally
[SCS Software] EuroTruck Simulator 2 American Truck Simulator.

In close cooperation with LOGYKAL we have following system performance:
Load supported : 800kg
Load Capacity : 1404kg
Speed: 250mm/s
Communication : USB 3.0
Power : average 400Watt, 660Watt peak.
Stroke : 150mm

The mechanical elements that must withstand the work load are made of steel, with high strength aluminum encapsulation.

The entire exterior is 5052 magnesium aluminum, used in manufacturing structures and automotive. It combines lightness and resistance, and is anodized in an elegant hard black, with layers of more than 40um to ensure an impeccable and durable finish..

The LK Gravity actuator has a precision and backslash at the level of any industrial actuator for high loads, with capacity of positions with repeatability greater than 99% and a high precision better than 0.04mm which gives it the best load / acceleration / precision ratio on the market.

A good linear actuator depends on the engine that manages it to deliver its maximum performance. Therefore, we have motorized this actuator with the best servo motor “rotor power / inertia” available. Also equipped with an incremental encoder capable of managing all the precision that the actuator provides.
The servodriver communicates directly with the computer through an individual RS485 port and through Modbus industrial protocol, which greatly improves communication by not relying on intermediate elements such as G-code generators through additional processors such as Arduinos, ARM’s and the like or circuits Information distributors to manage their positions sequentially.

Direct communication with each motor driver allow us to manage the system precisely:
– Know in real time the torque consumption of each actuator.
– Variety of technical parameters for movement software management.
– Restart the entire system automatically so that the user does not have to stop driving immediately recovering the movement of the cockpit.
– To cancel the movement of all the actuators taking them to a stable and safe static position.

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